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We provide the tools to build up a fan-base for artists. With responsive websites, hot- beats and more.. You can get started today! 


Digital Team One

We deliver quality websites with a personal web design. We can help you determine what kind of website you need to suit your business or personal endeavors.


Axum Restaurant Amsterdam

Axum Restaurant is a small diner with a welcoming atmosphere. We serve delicious and authentic Ethiopian food.


About us

Thanks for still being on this page! Choose witch type of service you need for your business or personal use.


If you are in business, have an event to plan or need a flyer for any other reason but do not have the time to design your own, this is the quickest and most affordable way to get a high-quality flyer design that fits your needs. We have a professional team at your service to create your own custom made flyer. We can also design your logo if needed. You can find out more under ‘Logo Design’.

Website Templates

Web design can be time consuming. Using a website template can save time by having the basics and lay-out designed for you. Time-consuming activities like working on you responsive design to make your website accessible to smartphones are in the past.


Getting attention from your target audience is crucial to get good results. A website is the perfect tool to achieve this. We create affordable and complete websites and web shops with a personalized web design that will help you get your message across. We deliver a complete package including logo design, web design, responsive design and a personalized website template.


Sound is a part of life and is a crucial element off any multimedia representation. We have a team ready to help you with jingles, instrumentals or even sound effects for your projects. Just let us know what your customer base needs in terms of sound and we will make it happen.

Movie Clips

Being interactive with your client is one off the keys to success! By having a good short video about your brand will help you in many ways. We can help you get your brand the recognition it deserves by making short animation clips and animated typography.


If you are located near Amsterdam, we have a photographer available to enhance your website with professional photographs. For any other customers, there are always options to discuss.

Logo – Your logo is a representation of you. Whatever you are trying to achieve, a good logo design will get your message across. We have the expertise to create your own custom logo design to match with you and your web design.

Business Cards – If you are in business, you need business cards. These cards need to match your logo design, but also your web design. We can create your personalized business cards with a professional look for an affordable price. Free business cards are often included in our package deals.

Seo – It is very important to get your business found in the search engines like Google and Bing. By implementing (SEO) “Search Engine Optimization” to your pages, you will receive more visitors and get a higher ranking in these search engines.

Our Tools

html 5

We use html 5 code in most off our projects. It is the last revision of the HTML standard of the (W3C). This is very powerful and it will support the latest multimedia.


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Wordpress is our main (CMS) Content Management System. It is the most popular blogging system today and supports more than 60 million websites.


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Having a great look and design is very important. Thats why we use (CSS) 'Cascading Style Sheets'
to format and style your website.


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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great web analytics service. We use this to collect the statistics from your website. This will give a clear view of the stream of your visitors.


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We use the following Adobe products

– Photoshop
– Fireworks
– Illustrator
– After Effects
– Bridge
– Premiere Pro

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If you have any questions or if you are interested in our products, call or mail us right away!


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